Perfect app to Hide your Secrets Pics, Videos, Documents, Apps!

Easiest way to Hide your Secret Content

Get relax and Don't worry for your secret and confidential data on your mobile device. Safe Box is easiest way to Hide your Secret and Confidential Contacts, Pics, Videos, Documents and Apps !!!

Lock Personal Apps

Lock your personal apps, like Tinder, What's Up, Line, Facebook, Skype, Gmail and many more. Only you will have power to access that app !

Private Pics / Videos

Hide your private moment pics and secret videos. Make thme more private with SafeBox !

Confidential Documents

Safe your confidentials documents, likes Bank Statement, Business proposal and many more confidentials documents. Make them more Safe with SafeBox

Features available in Safe Box

Hide Image and Videos

Hide private moment Pics and Videos

Lock App

Lock your private app

Protect Documents

Protect your confidencial documents

Hide Contacts

Hide your secret contacts

Stealth Mode

Hide SafeBox it self on Mobile

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